FaceTime vs Zoom – Which is the Best Video Calling App?

FaceTime vs Zoom: Nowadays, online communication is becoming inevitable after all these pandemic situations. People tend to talk to their friends and relatives online, especially via video calls. Many companies have provided Work from home opportunities, not alone the firms, the educational institutions, schools, and colleges have also implemented the online classes. There are loads of video conferencing apps available in the market. But there are always pioneers with utmost reliability and innovative features which already included and working. Both FaceTime and Zoom are leading tools to converse online.

FaceTime vs Zoom - Which is the Best Video Calling App

On the dilemma of FaceTime vs Zoom, most iPhone users prefer FaceTime, considering its user-friendly nature and exclusive features which are only accessible to Apple devices. FaceTime has made everything very simple and elegant, which enables anyone to make calls without any learning curve. Since it’s very closed to one platform and cannot be accessed on other platforms. Therefore professional usage is not possible with FaceTime in most cases.

When talking about FaceTime vs Zoom Compatibility, the latter has the upper hand. Since Zoom is a cross-platform application that works with all significant operating systems. Furthermore, you can get connected to a large group of people via Zoom call, whereas FaceTime is very limited. Zoom is specially made for video conferencing, and it can be used for that without any second thought. Even though the zoom is not as user-friendly as the FaceTime, there are plenty of things you can do with the Zoom app. Let’s discuss more the dilemma of FaceTime vs Zoom Security, Pricing, Call Quality, and more, then find the use case of each application.

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FaceTime vs Zoom

FaceTime and Zoom both have certain distinctive features. Both apps have their pros and cons and are better and worse in some aspects. we have tested both the apps in person and sorted out the prominent use cases and flaws.


This is where Zoom lacks and FaceTime has the edge. Zoom is free for consumer usage with basic features, if you want to use it for professional purposes, then you need a paid version which costs $14.99 per month. Zoom offers three different plans such as Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The pricing varies based on the plan you choose. In most cases, the basic version is enough for where you can get up to 40 mins of group call with 100 participants. Even this feature is more than what you get with FaceTime. You don’t need a paid version unless and until you are into business or some large-scale industry.

FaceTime vs Zoom Pricing

FaceTime on the other hand offers fully free calls, there are no hidden charges or in-app purchases that empties your wallet. You can call for an unlimited number of hours, although the number of persons who can join in a group calls is very limited. Since FaceTime only works with Apple devices, the chance of getting connected to everyone is a cumbersome process.


When it comes to compatibility, Zoom has the upper hand. It is fairly available for all the platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS as well. Besides that, you can even access zoom with the browser extension, which is available for Chrome, and Firefox. This gives you the freedom to use Zoom on any device regardless of the platform you use. On top of that, there are many exclusive apps available in Zoom for specific purposes.

As you already know, Apple has a strict privacy policy and maintains an enclosed nature on its own apps. Apple has hardened its boundary, where the entire FaceTime features are only accessible with the iOS 15. You need to have at least the iOS 15 to enjoy the full features or upgrade your device if it isn’t supported. Of course, you can access FaceTime on any device with the invite link, but this won’t be like using a dedicated application on your smartphone or laptop. Hence the compatibility part goes to the Zoom app.

Call Standard

The call quality of Zoom and FaceTime is head to head. Both are very comparable in video and audio calls. Zoom calls provide up to 1080p Full HD quality on video calls. Even so, the calls are not good at recording, the recorded output of Zoom video calls looks noisy. The audio quality of Zoom calls is pretty good, however, the reliability is questionable, and the noise cancellation and audio clarity are not consistent with the Zoom calls.

FaceTime on the other end offers high-quality video and audio calls. The quality of the FaceTime video is pretty impressive, this is due to the better camera configuration with the Apple products. When you FaceTime with a Windows machine the quality is pathetic. FaceTime also did an innovative job in the audio part. The Spatial Audio and Voice isolation features are very useful and work every time. Though it is only available with the iOS 15 update.

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Group Calling

Video Conferencing or Group Calling is the most sophisticated feature that every video calling application possesses. It is a solid feature that makes the application to business and enterprise standards. Zoom does this pretty well Since its primary focus is on enterprises and large-scale businesses. Zoom lets you view up to 49 participants in the grid layout. You can add thousands of participants based on the plan you purchase. The free version itself supports up to 100 participants per group meeting. Hence it is the most preferred choice for small teams for Large enterprise-grade meetings.

FaceTime in general has no motive for business meetings. Even though it supports group calls, it is mainly developed for personal chat and video calls. Currently, you can include up to 32 members in a group call. And it only supports up to 8 members in a grid view. Besides that these options vary based on the device you use. Thus, large-scale meetings and video conferencing work better with the Zoom app.



  • Zoom allows up to 1000 participants in video conferencing. The “Large Meetings” add-on lets you have this paid feature.
  • Allows recording meetings directly to your device. Zoom offers 1 GB of cloud space, in which you can record the meetings for quick access.
  • Zoom has the call delegation option, in which you can receive calls on behalf of others, Likewise, you can make calls as well.
  • The free plan of Zoom offers 40 mins of time limit for group meetings and 30 hours for one-to-one meetings.
  • You can share your screen with the call participants and you can even let them annotate the content concurrently. This Whiteboarding feature is very useful when conducting team review meetings, webinars, and online teaching classes.


  • FaceTime is free to use, but it is only limited to Apple users.
  • Integrate with Siri to activate FaceTime.
  • You can use FaceTime on numerous devices and it requires only the Apple ID, In addition to that you can log in on multiple devices at the same time.
  • You can integrate it with the Phone app and access the FaceTime call logs in the recent calls tab.
  • FaceTime gives you better privacy, it will intimate you when someone screenshots your conversation.
  • The parental control of FaceTime lets you fix the time limit for the FaceTime call. This helps you to make some boundaries for your children.

Privacy & Security

Apple is known for its privacy, and it has a keen eye for it. FaceTime calls are end-to-end encrypted, where no one can get access to the data apart from the receiver. Apple implements the latest security features in its updates and keeps you safe and secure from data piracy.

Zoom on the other hand also provides end-to-end encryption. However, there are a lot of controversies on Zoom regarding its privacy and security. Even though currently the issues are resolved, the user has to take into account the consistency of privacy. You can use Zoom in most scenarios, but whenever you are into some confidential things, you should reconsider. Here FaceTime is the winner comparatively.

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Now you have got an idea about the debate FaceTime vs Zoom. Both the apps are certain unique features and usage. Regarding FaceTime, you only have a chance to use it when you have an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Using Zoom is based on your preference. If you are a business person, who conducts meetings with a large number of participants then you can use it. Else there are plenty of alternatives available you can simply go for it. Overall both Zoom and FaceTime are great apps for making video calls.