Download Skype for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 & 11

Download Skype for PC: Skype is one of the prominent VoIP calling services available for free. The tool is been available for a pretty long time since 2003 and has influenced many business people and youths to a great extent. The software is owned by Microsoft and it comes by default with the latest Windows operating systems. Since Skype for PC is native software of Windows, it works pretty well on all the Windows Machines. Unlike Apple, Microsoft doesn’t stop the application only within Windows, but it is available for the majority of gadgets and platforms. You can access it on smartphones, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Alexa, Web, Xbox, and many other devices.

Download Skype for PC Windows 10

Skype for Windows PC uses the peer-to-peer and client-server system, which enables you to communicate with your friends via Voice calls, Video calls, Text Messages, and more. It is one of the reliable video calling applications which establishes a secure connection with crystal clear audio quality. Skype for Windows 7 supports up to 24 simultaneous video call connections, you can even integrate your Phone’s messages to your computer with the SMS connect feature. Initially, the app was loaded with bloats, and it ran sluggish. But the recent releases have cut down the unnecessary stuff and made it work faster, among the competition Microsoft doesn’t have a choice either.

Send various files in large sizes without any issues. It also has the option to send emoticons, Gifs, and images from the internet. In addition, to call, there is plenty of stuff you can do with Skype on a Windows PC. The multi-platform nature of the application lets you communicate with anyone around the world who has it. There are no restrictions or workaround needed with Skype, you can simply install it and use it on your device. This is the reason why many users seek an alternative to FaceTime, and here we have it.

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Features of Skype

Skype is a robust video calling application with no fancy features. Although it does not include any additional features, It has implemented every required option needed for the communication. Let’s see the features of Skype below.

Video Calls: Skype offers a high-definition video calling feature that allows you to connect up to 24 people at a time. You can have a group conversations, business meetings, and online classes all with the Skype app on your Windows PC.

Group Chat: Skype for Windows 7 32 bit also includes a chatting option that lets you chat with people all over the world. You can even create private groups and chat with your friends easily.

Voice Calls: Similar to other video calling applications, Skype also has the option to make audio calls to the person you like. The call quality is very clear and lively when compared to other apps.

SMS Connect: You don’t need to grab your phone anymore for messages. Connect your phone’s SMS to your Windows PC to view and reply to your messages right on your computer.

Share Files: Skype for Windows 10 supports sending a large number of files in multiple formats. Of course, the file-sharing is encrypted, which is quite a needed option for business people.

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How to Download and Install Skype for Windows PC?

In general, Skype for PC comes by default with the latest version of Windows such as Windows 10 and 11. In case you are using the older version of the Windows operating system, then this guide is for you. Besides that, you can also use this guide, to download Skype for PC Windows. just in case you have uninstalled the Skype app on your Windows machine.

1. Open any web browser on your Windows desktop.

2. Visit the Skype official website and go to the Downloads section, which you can see at the menu bar on the top.

3. Click the drop-down arrow right next to the Get Skype for Windows 10 & 11, and choose the “Get Skype for Windows“. (If you are using Windows 10 or 11, you can choose that option)

How to Download and Install Skype for Windows PC

4. Soon you can see the Skype.exe file gets downloaded on your device.

5. Once the download finishes, you can install the Skype app by running the
Skype.exe file on your Windows 7 laptop.

6. After everything is done properly, You are ready to call your friends and have an enjoyable conversation.


Skype is a default application that comes with Windows 10 PC and its later versions. Though, If you want to download Skype on the older version of Windows you can get it from the Official Website of Skype. Simply choose the operating system and download the Skype.exe file and install it as you do with other software. It is a simple user-friendly app for business people and youngsters for communication. Just give it a try, if you don’t like it you can always look for the Skype alternatives for PC.