Download Imo for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 & 11

Download Imo for Windows PC: Imo is one of the most profound video calling applications available for a long time. Initially, the Imo for PC was introduced as a web app in 2005, which can be accessed on any platform that has a web browser in it. Later on, it was released for all the platforms with all new features. You make video calls in HD quality with the help of Imo for Windows 10 PC, and it doesn’t matter wherever you are and whom you want to contact, all you need is a phone number that is associated with the IMO account. In addition to that, you can also send instant text messages, and voicemails, to anyone around the world.

Download Imo for PC Windows 10

Unlike other apps, the Imo for Windows 10 PC is data-efficient, even a few MBs of data is enough to make a call. Moreover, it even works on a 2G network with compressed quality. It is compatible with all the networks including 3G, 4G, 5G, and different WiFi bands. Imo for PC is totally free and it is available on other platforms as well. Since its release, it is been a great competition for other social media applications. You can instantly connect with your friends with the help of your contact book.

Download Imo for PC Windows 10 supports sending all types of files including Images, Videos, Documents, MP3, Zip, PDF, and many more. In addition to this, you can synchronize all your messages securely in the Imo Cloud and you can view them without clouding your device place. Group chat with your friends and family for ultimate rejoice and flood them up with hundreds of free stickers. All these features are available free of cost. Let’s see some more features of Imo and then we jump into the installation guide. This is not just some other mediocre tutorial, which involves an emulator and all, this guide gives you the genuine official release that is 100% working natively on your Windows machine.

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Features of Imo for PC

In contrast with other apps, the Imo for Windows PC does not offer any fascinating features, but it focuses much on practicality. Imo includes everything that is needed for better communication. It just included whatever is necessary without any gimmicks. Let’s see the features one by one.

High-Quality Calls:
As we have seen earlier, the Imo for PC concentrates on quality. The video rendered out of this application is pretty high in quality. You can even experience the crystal clear audio quality also in the international calls with zero lagging.

Minimalistic Interface:
Imo has stocked up its interface with what is necessary, there are no bloats and features to trick the users. It has a straightforward interface with organized and best working controls. Even the absolute beginner can operate the app without any question.

Seamless Connectivity:
Imo for Windows 10 PC uses less data and works flawlessly well on any network. Since the data usage is very low, there is no disconnection or stuttering in your calls.

IMO app is available for various platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Besides that, there are separate versions available based on the user’s requirement. Apart from the normal version in Android, you can have three different versions with distinct features.

  • Imo HD – Imo HD is highly used for business communication Since the delivers High-definition video and audio quality. This version uses some more data, which is absolutely necessary for the HD video call.
  • Imo Lite – Are you running out of Storage? Imo Lite is all you need. It is the small compact version of the app which requires only 6 MB of storage on your smartphone.
  • Imo Beta – The Beta version is a kind of testing app that brings up all-new features as a preview. Since it’s not a stable version, you may face some issues, but still, you can enjoy the upcoming features even before it is officially released.

Data Efficiency:
The Imo for PC uses less data for both video and audio calls. You can also use it on low coverage networks such as 2G. But nowadays, the network is not a problem anymore, you can receive better coverage wherever you go, which results in a smooth and seamless video calling experience.

Cloud Storage:
Imo syncs all your messages and file sharings securely in its cloud. You can access them whenever you want without filling up your hard disk space.

Custom Profile:
You can customize your profile with hundreds of avatars, backgrounds, and music themes. You can keep up your profile based on your wish. Imo also includes the new stickers and backgrounds, which bring a fresh view each time you modify your profile.

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How to Download and Install Imo on Windows 10 PC?

This is the easiest method to download and install Imo on Windows 10 PC. The Imo app is available in the Microsoft Store itself, so you can trust the app and install it easily from the store itself. Let’s see the steps below.

1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 Laptop.

2. Search for the app name “imo video calls and chat HD” in the search box and hit enter.

How to Download and Install Imo on Windows 10 PC

3. Now you can see the Imo app resulting on your screen.

4. Click the Get button right next to the app name.

5. Soon you can see the app will begin to download and install on your Windows Machine.

6. Once it gets installed, click the launch button to open the app from the store and begin your calling journey with your friends and family.

Alternative Method to Install Imo App on Windows Computer

You can use this method on older versions of Windows, where the Microsoft Store is not present. Hence, you can use this method on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

1: Open any web browser on your Windows laptop and visit this URL

2: On the homepage, you can see various platforms, such as imo for Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac.

3. Simply click the “imo for Windows” button.

How to Download and Install Imo on Windows 10 PC

4. The Imo exe file will start to download on your Windows 7 desktop.

5. Once the download gets completed, run the imo.exe file and install it on your computer.

6. When the installation gets over, start conversing with your friends and family members.

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Imo had an extensive journey in the video conferencing applications. Even though it was introduced as a web-based application, Imo took it to another extent and released it for all the platforms with plenty of features. The feasibility and reliability of Imo are what gained around 200 million users worldwide. If you want robust software for your office meetings and marketing webinars, Imo is the way to go. Since there are no bloats and extra features, the Imo for PC works swiftly, which makes it the best choice for business people. You can use the above methods to download the Imo software on your Windows PC respectively. What are you waiting for, Just go ahead and download Imo app on your Windows 10 PC.