FaceTime vs WhatsApp: An Ultimate Video Call Comparison

FaceTime vs WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the pioneer instant messaging app that replaced the native messaging service that comes with every mobile phone. There are billions of devices installed on WhatsApp regardless of which platform it’s running. It is one of the solid messaging applications that has included a plethora of features in recent years. Even though it’s not perfect in every single option, it wraps up everything you need for a Messaging app. You can see whether the message is delivered, read, put statuses, and send attachments of specific sizes.

FaceTime vs WhatsApp - Which is Best for Video Call

FaceTime on the other hand is Apple’s own messaging application which works smoothly within its ecosystem. Due to its hardware/software perfect integration, FaceTime works fluidly on Apple products. If you are an iPhone user, you probably would have known the features and quality of the video call that you make with the FaceTime app. It was introduced at iPhone 4 launch event in 2010. Later on, Apple appended many new features and enhanced the quality of both video and audio calls.

But the only downside you have with FaceTime is its limitation to use, yes, it can only be used within the Apple ecosystem such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. On the contrary, WhatsApp is a cross-platform app, which is available for all the Operating Systems but does not have as many features as FaceTime. Let’s see in detail about FaceTime vs WhatsApp and find which is better in which area.

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FaceTime vs Whatsapp

Many of the users wonder which is better FaceTime or WhatsApp, for those people, we tried our best to the show which one is best in what features and we have sorted out the various aspects of both the apps, based on their compatibility, Call Quality, Usability, features, Privacy & Security, convenience, and more.


FaceTime is a proprietary app of Apple, which only works within its ecosystem. You can use FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, and iMac devices. Are you thinking what about Windows then? The good news is, that you can access FaceTime on Windows with the help of the FaceTime invite link. But it never comes close to the app interface and features. It uses your Apple ID and can be accessed simultaneously on multiple devices. In Short, FaceTime is only for Apple users.

WhatsApp is a global service that works pretty well on all platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. On top of that, you can access WhatsApp with the web interface on any device which has a browser. Unlike FaceTime, WhatsApp users a phone number, So that all you need is a phone number to get connected on WhatsApp. Moreover, you cannot use the service on more than one device at a time. The reason why WhatsApp is so popular is because of its cross-platform nature, you can use it on any smartphone you own. Hence the compatibility of FaceTime vs WhatsApp, the lead goes to the latter one.

Call Quality

iPhone’s Camera is always better when compared to other brands. Calling through FaceTime resembles the same across its own community. But nowadays, many flagship Android smartphones take better photos and videos than most iPhone models.

But when we talk about the call quality, it is pretty similar between Facetime and WhatsApp in most cases. Since WhatsApp is cross-platform and there are unnumerable smartphones available in the market. So the software and hardware compatibility is not perfect to be precise. Even though you have the latest flagship Android phone, the person you are calling may have an average device that diminishes the call quality. WhatsApp is improving its unanimity across devices and OS. As of now, you can experience slightly better call quality of both audio and video on FaceTime.


WhatsApp has around 2 billion installs worldwide, regardless of the geo-restrictions. It is easily accessible across various platforms. Even iPhone users have installed WhatsApp for communication. When you have installed WhatsApp, it is easier for you to communicate with both iOS and Android users. So most users, prefer to use WhatsApp over FaceTime.

In the meanwhile, the FaceTime users are only limited to Apple users. And they are not much when compared to Android. If you have iPhone or iPad you can use FaceTime only with the person who has the supported Apple gadget. Occasionally you can also send an invite link to communicate across different platforms. Therefore, when it comes to accessibility, WhatsApp is way better than FaceTime.

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WhatsApp offers more features and customization than FaceTime. Let’s see the highlights right below.


  • Supports sharing documents.
  • Shows a “Message Seen” notification.
  • Reflects when someone is typing you a reply.
  • Has the option to search conversations.
  • You can see the activity history of a person in “Last Active” status.
  • Has the option to delete sent messages.
  • Supports sending Audio recordings and files.
  • Lots of customization options for Wallpaper, theme, privacy, and more.


  • Screenshot detection is a safety feature that lets you know when someone takes a screenshot of your conversation.
  • You can use FaceTime on multiple devices simultaneously, all you need is an Apple ID.
  • Mark favorite contacts
  • Fully Optimized for tablet mode in iPad.

Privacy & Security

WhatsApp offers more options for end users’ privacy. You can disable your activity history, message seen notification, and much more privacy options in statuses.

Both FaceTime and WhatsApp offer end-to-end encryption. But when it comes to privacy and security, WhatsApp is known for its controversy regarding that. FaceTime provides more security and privacy for its users. Whatever you send and receive may stay only with your device. We hope neither of them monitors your personal data and try to avoid sending confidential data over these applications.

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We have clarified the most prominent features of FaceTime vs WhatsApp and the differences between both applications. As of now, you have an idea about these apps. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, at the end of the day, it’s you who decides which one to use for what circumstances and purposes. You can choose to use both of them for different motives. Install both the apps and Enjoy calling!