How to Fix FaceTime Not Working on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

FaceTime is undoubtedly the best video calling software for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. The app is just flawless and works perfectly well and smoothly with crystal clear video clarity. But in some rare cases, FaceTime may fail to work due to many reasons. Some problems can be quickly fixed by a simple restart, and other requires a lot of research and check steps to find out the actual problem. If you are an Apple user, you probably at least once had a question in your mind why is my FaceTime not Working? Well, the reasons are many, we have put together all the best solutions to fix FaceTime not working error.

How to Fix FaceTime Not Working

There are various causes why the FaceTime app stops working, the way it should be. Many are due to the settings oriented, and software-related issues. Occasionally, there might be hardware issues as well. The good thing is, that the hardware issues are very specific such as FaceTime Camera not working, and problems with the FaceTime Audio. We have sorted out the issues individually, let’s see those in detail.

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FaceTime Not Working on iPhone, iPad, Mac.

1. Restart your Device

When it comes to troubleshooting, restarting the device is the basic thing that solves the issue of lagging apps. It frees up the memory consumption and makes a fresh start for every application on your device. Restart your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, in which you are having the issue with FaceTime, and launch the app back again.

2. Disable and Enable FaceTime in Your Settings

Most of the time, these bugs are common among applications. First, check whether FaceTime is disabled on your app Settings. If it isn’t just disable and enable the FaceTime.

iPhone & iPad: Go to Settings > FaceTime > toggle off the FaceTime switch and Turn it on back again and you will be asked to sign in to your Apple ID to make it work again.

Mac: Open FaceTime > Preferences > Uncheck the box which shows Enable this account, and check it back again.

3. Check your Internet

Since FaceTime works over the internet connection, the poor connection may cause this issue. Check whether you have good coverage.

  • Toggle between WiFi and Cellular data.
  • Change your DNS.
  • Speed test using your browser to find the bad connection.

4. Update the Software

If you haven’t updated your OS for a while, as a result, you may face this problem. Check whether your operating system is up to date. Else update your OS to the latest available version for your device model.

5. Date and Time

FaceTime needs the proper date and time to work properly. So that Apple recommends you set the date and time automatically on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

iPhone, iPad: Settings > General > Date & Time > Turn on the “Set Automatically” option.

Mac: Go to System Preferences > Date & Time > set the option to Automatically.

6. Check for Downtime

Apple sometimes takes down FaceTime servers temporarily to resolve the technical issues and other maintenance reasons. Just visit the Apple System Service page to see whether it’s working globally. If the FaceTime is down, you cannot do anything, except wait for Apple to make it work.

7. Disable Content & Privacy Restrictions

Check for Content & Privacy Restrictions of FaceTime, and Camera. in case it is turned off. Turn it on back again to work properly. You can find the options in Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps > turn on FaceTime and Camera.

8. Enable Ports in your Firewall

In case you use Firewall, it may block the ports needed by FaceTime to work properly. FaceTime needs the following ports to work properly. If your iMessage is also not working, then FireWall blocking is the problem. Simply enable these ports to fix the issue.

Fix FaceTime Not Working on Mac
  • 80 (TCP)
  • 443 (TCP)
  • 3478 through 3497 (UDP)
  • 5223 (TCP)
  • 16384 through 16387 (UDP)
  • 16393 through 16402 (UDP)

9. FaceTime Geo-restrictions

FaceTime is not available in all the countries, and carriers. The countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Tunisia, and UAE restrict FaceTime usage. The newer versions are authorized in some countries like Saudi Arabia. To ensure the updated regions you can visit Apple’s website and know whether it is supposed to work in your country. Therefore if your country is under the restriction on FaceTime, then there is nothing you can do, except finding the alternatives.

FaceTime Camera Not Working

If you are facing problems with the FaceTime camera on your iPhone or Mac as a result people can’t see you while making calls. Try disabling and enabling the camera when you are on call. If the issue isn’t resolved, Open the Camera app on your device and record yourself. After all, if it works perfectly, then the issue is with the FaceTime app, in this case simply follow the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods to resolve it.

If your Camera is not working on any apps, and you are seeing a black screen, then it might be a hardware issue, you need to contact Apple Support.

FaceTime Audio Not Working

When the FaceTime Microphone not working, you need to go through certain check steps to find out the problem. But before that I recommend you to apply the above given FaceTime troubleshooting tips and continue with this if it isn’t resolved. First, make sure you haven’t muted your microphone on the call and your volume is high enough.

  • Check your Microphone is being used by another app. In most cases, the Microphone is busy with other apps such as a messaging app. If you see so, then close the apps and try calling again with FaceTime.
FaceTime Audio Not Working
  • Check if your Microphone is working properly. You can do this by opening Voice Memos and trying recording yourself with the mic. Play the recorded sound, if you cannot hear it properly, then the problem is with your Microphone. Hence you need to visit Apple Store for a repair.

FaceTime Not Working for Certain Contacts

If FaceTime is not working with anyone, then the problem might be with your device. If it is not working with just one contact, then it is a different issue. In this case, you ask that person to go through these troubleshooting tips, since there is a higher chance of a problem with the other person’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac.

  • Ensure the person you are trying to call has turned on the FaceTime. And he/she is connected to a good network.
  • Apple does not have the FaceTime service in certain regions, and some network providers won’t support the service as well. Check whether the service is available where the person currently stays. If the FaceTime service is not available in that region, there is nothing you can do from your side.
  • Check whether you have accidentally blocked the person who is trying to call you. To view the blocked number you can go to FaceTime > Preferences > Blocked. Finally, click on the minus sign next to the number you want to unblock.

Nonetheless, everything is fine from your side, then it is the other person who is trying to call you who needs to read this article.


Hope the above-given troubleshooting tips have fixed the FaceTime Not working problem on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Now it’s time to chit-chat with your friends and family. Try using different methods provided in this article, if nothing works for you, then it’s time to look for the FaceTime alternative. You can find a lot of Video calling applications with a tremendous number of new features in the market. Why not share this article, with your friends and let them fix the problems with FaceTime and have a problem-free conversation.