FaceTime Apk for Android | Download and Install the Latest Apk

FaceTime is a video conferencing application developed by Apple for its ecosystem. If you used Apple devices you are probably aware of its ecosystem, which only keeps its users inside them by providing greater convenience. Many Android users are impressed by the features and usage of FaceTime and are wondering is there a FaceTime app for android. If you search for FaceTime apk for Android, you can find many files on the internet and you will end up in the fake and simulating files. It is of no use and does harm your smartphone with malware and other security issues. This is why because the FaceTime app is not officially available for Android devices, not only Android, but also for all other platforms except iOS, and Mac OS.

FaceTime App for Android

I agree that FaceTime is an excellent app for video conferencing with friends with crystal clear video and audio quality. But it is only limited to the Apple Ecosystem. If you want to enjoy similar benefits on your Android smartphone, you can look for alternatives. There are plenty you can find with all-new features, interfaces, gimmicks, and other stuff packed. There are many reliable alternative apps to FaceTime, but if you want to use FaceTime App on Android there is one simple way for that. It is quite useful when your friend or someone you want to talk to is using iPhone. Let’s see how you can use the FaceTime app on Android.

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How to Setup and Use FaceTime App on Android?

As we discussed above the FaceTime Apk is not available for Android right now. Even if you find such files, think twice before installing them. Because all are simulated files and Fake applications, which do nothing more than steal your data. So be patient and follow the instructions below to use FaceTime App on Android.

1. First, go to the App Permissions section on your Android device and Enable the Camera and Microphone access for the browser you want to use.

2. Ask the person to send a FaceTime invite link to you.

How to use FaceTime on Android

3. Open the link on the browser, to which you gave the permissions as mentioned above.

4. Here you can see the FaceTime page asking for you to “Enter your name to join the conversation“. Type in your name in the respective field and tap Continue.

5. Now you need to tap the Join button from the toolbar.

6. This request needs to be accepted by your friend, Once it gets accepted you can make a video call to them on FaceTime using your Android smartphone or Tablet.

Note: The method only gives you the basic options of calling. Thus these options are enough to have a conversation. If you want to enjoy full features with Animoji and all, then it’s currently only possible with iOS devices. Let’s hope for Apple to release the FaceTime app for Android.

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Final Verdict

Currently, the FaceTime app is not available on the Android operating system. Since it’s owned by Apple, it is only available for Apple’s products. But you can use the FaceTime apk on Android using the above method. Though some browsers won’t support the streaming of video due to javascript and flash issues. Please use that on a working browser, else you can enable the browser in the desktop mode and try FaceTime with your friends. Besides that, you can refer to our FaceTime alternatives and find out the best suitable app that fits your needs.