FaceTime vs Skype: The Ultimate Comparison of Video Calling

Nowadays, the habit of video calling is the uttermost communication medium all over the world. Since an extensive number of people are at home due to this pandemic. Millions of them prefer communicating through Video calls. People love to talk to their friends and relatives by looking at their faces. There are plenty of apps available for video calling, choosing the best one is the real challenge. iPhone is one of the most used smartphones around the world, meanwhile, the Windows operating system is the most used one in the desktop environment. Both Microsoft and Apple have their proprietary software for video calling, Skype, and FaceTime respectively. Now it’s time to discuss the debate on FaceTime VS Skype in detail.

FaceTime vs Skype Which is Best Video Calling App

The two apps don’t stop with the one-to-one video calling, in addition, it offers group video calls, screen sharing features, and much more. Skype has better integration with the Windows OS, no matter which smartphone you use, you can easily sync your messages with the SMS Connect option. FaceTime on the other hand has seamless integration on MacBook and other Apple products. The downside is it is only accessible within Apple’s products. Both apps give their best to get rid of the distance between people quickly. You can see and talk to your friends in a matter of seconds, no matter wherever you are and whichever country you live in.

It is pretty hard to find out which app is best for video calling. In fact, both apps are best in their own feature set. Here we are to help you with choosing the perfect app for you. Here we are going to compare FaceTime VS Skype based on various aspects such as Video calling features, Cross-platform, Ease of use, and many other factors.

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FaceTime VS Skype

FaceTime VS Skype is a prolonged debate which is been there for a long time. Some people prefer Skype over FaceTime, while others would like to use FaceTime. In reality, both apps have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence we have sorted out the pros and cons of each app along with its features and use cases.

User Interface

FaceTime has an easy-to-use interface with simple controls, where the options are only limited to making calls and video calls. FaceTime lets you create separate groups for voice and video calls. For messaging and other stuff you need to use the iMessage. It has a beautiful transparent interface, showing only what is needed for VoIP calls.

Even though FaceTime has a user-friendly interface, the options of Skype simply dominate the FaceTime. Moreover, Skype isn’t that hard to use, it is pretty similar to all other instant messaging applications. The familiar layout doesn’t impose any learning curve for you. Skype also has the option to create private groups. There are various themes available with Skype. It also works well with the system-wide dark theme on both Android and iOS. Limiting the options and keeping the UI very simple doesn’t help many, therefore in the debate FaceTime vs Skype, the latter is the clear winner here.

Platform Availability

There is no doubt that Skype has the upper hand in this characteristic. Microsoft released Skype for all the platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Linux. Furthermore, Skype web can be accessed on any browser running any operating system. Therefore the accessibility of Skype is pretty high when compared to FaceTime’s closed door.

In Contrast, Apple has developed FaceTime only for its products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and the devices running Mac OS. There are no workarounds or tricks to access FaceTime on other devices. In order to use FaceTime, you should have the iPhone or other compatible products from Apple. It doesn’t even have web apps.

The only exception you have is that you can access FaceTime on any browser with the FaceTime invite link sent from your friends, but that never comes close to the real apps.

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Call Quality

FaceTime works wonderfully on Apple devices, Simply sign in to your Apple account, and you are ready to go. The Camera quality and the hardware integration on Apple devices are superb. You can expect a crystal clear quality in FaceTime calls. It also works well on FaceTime voice calls too. But when it comes to FaceTime calls with the invite links, the quality may differ based on the receiver’s device.

Skype call quality is also comparably good with FaceTime. You cannot find that much in the quality, though the quality becomes diminished when you are in group calls with more than 5 members. The app does not extract enough bandwidth due to speed issues and compresses the video, which seems very poor in group calls with higher participants. Hence it is recommended to use Skype with around five users per group call. Hence when it comes to quality FaceTime beats Skype.



  • Skype offers high-definition video calling, in which you can join up to 24 people at a time.
  • Make group conversations with people around the globe. You can also create private chat groups for personal purposes.
  • Skype has better integration with the Windows systems, in which you can sync your Phone’s messages with the SMS connect option. You can even reply to your messages from your desktop.
  • Supports sharing files without any limitations, you can share files in multiple formats such as images, documents, Mp3 files, and more.
  • Screen sharing lets you share a specific part or window of your screen. Which will be useful for webinars and online teachings.


  • Integrated with the Phone app and lets you access the FaceTime call logs quickly.
  • Mark your favorite contacts and access them easily.
  • Provides high-quality video and audio calls across the community.
  • Integrated with Siri and Parental control options.
  • Easily communicate with your contacts with a tap.

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Privacy & Security

We often forget about privacy and security, which is of utmost importance for everyone. Apple is known for its privacy and security features. FaceTime offers end-to-end encryption of every data. Skype on the other hand also has tight security and encrypts everything you share over it. The audio, video, texts, and files are encrypted and nothing will be leaked in between.

Skype a proprietary app by Microsoft comes by default on Windows machines and is a reliable choice for communication. Likewise, FaceTime also comes with Apple products and a well-grounded utility for seamless communication among Apple users. Hence both Skype and FaceTime have better privacy and security, we give them a tie.

FaceTime vs Skype: The Conclusion

We have provided everything that is needed for your decision on FaceTime vs Skype. As mentioned earlier, both apps have their own pros and cons. If you are an Apple user, then you probably prefer FaceTime in most cases, due to its ease of use and seamless integration. Other platform users, should always rely on other apps since FaceTime is not available for other operating systems. The two of them are good choices, finally, it depends upon your use cases and the device you own.