FaceTime vs WhatsApp: An Ultimate Video Call Comparison

FaceTime vs WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the pioneer instant messaging app that replaced the native messaging service that comes with every mobile phone. There are billions of devices installed on WhatsApp regardless of which platform it’s running. It is one of the solid messaging applications that has included a plethora of features in recent years. Even though it’s not perfect in every single option, it wraps up everything you need for a Messaging app. You can see whether the message is delivered, read, put statuses, and send attachments of specific sizes.

FaceTime vs WhatsApp - Which is Best for Video Call

FaceTime on the other hand is Apple’s own messaging application which works smoothly within its ecosystem. Due to its hardware/software perfect integration, FaceTime works fluidly on Apple products. If you are an iPhone user, you probably would have known the features and quality of the video call that you make with the FaceTime app. It was introduced at iPhone 4 launch event in 2010. Later on, Apple appended many new features and enhanced the quality of both video and audio calls.

But the only downside you have with FaceTime is its limitation to use, yes, it can only be used within the Apple ecosystem such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. On the contrary, WhatsApp is a cross-platform app, which is available for all the Operating Systems but does not have as many features as FaceTime. Let’s see in detail about FaceTime vs WhatsApp and find which is better in which area.

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FaceTime vs Whatsapp

Many of the users wonder which is better FaceTime or WhatsApp, for those people, we tried our best to the show which one is best in what features and we have sorted out the various aspects of both the apps, based on their compatibility, Call Quality, Usability, features, Privacy & Security, convenience, and more.


FaceTime is a proprietary app of Apple, which only works within its ecosystem. You can use FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, and iMac devices. Are you thinking what about Windows then? The good news is, that you can access FaceTime on Windows with the help of the FaceTime invite link. But it never comes close to the app interface and features. It uses your Apple ID and can be accessed simultaneously on multiple devices. In Short, FaceTime is only for Apple users.

WhatsApp is a global service that works pretty well on all platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. On top of that, you can access WhatsApp with the web interface on any device which has a browser. Unlike FaceTime, WhatsApp users a phone number, So that all you need is a phone number to get connected on WhatsApp. Moreover, you cannot use the service on more than one device at a time. The reason why WhatsApp is so popular is because of its cross-platform nature, you can use it on any smartphone you own. Hence the compatibility of FaceTime vs WhatsApp, the lead goes to the latter one.

Call Quality

iPhone’s Camera is always better when compared to other brands. Calling through FaceTime resembles the same across its own community. But nowadays, many flagship Android smartphones take better photos and videos than most iPhone models.

But when we talk about the call quality, it is pretty similar between Facetime and WhatsApp in most cases. Since WhatsApp is cross-platform and there are unnumerable smartphones available in the market. So the software and hardware compatibility is not perfect to be precise. Even though you have the latest flagship Android phone, the person you are calling may have an average device that diminishes the call quality. WhatsApp is improving its unanimity across devices and OS. As of now, you can experience slightly better call quality of both audio and video on FaceTime.


WhatsApp has around 2 billion installs worldwide, regardless of the geo-restrictions. It is easily accessible across various platforms. Even iPhone users have installed WhatsApp for communication. When you have installed WhatsApp, it is easier for you to communicate with both iOS and Android users. So most users, prefer to use WhatsApp over FaceTime.

In the meanwhile, the FaceTime users are only limited to Apple users. And they are not much when compared to Android. If you have iPhone or iPad you can use FaceTime only with the person who has the supported Apple gadget. Occasionally you can also send an invite link to communicate across different platforms. Therefore, when it comes to accessibility, WhatsApp is way better than FaceTime.

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WhatsApp offers more features and customization than FaceTime. Let’s see the highlights right below.


  • Supports sharing documents.
  • Shows a “Message Seen” notification.
  • Reflects when someone is typing you a reply.
  • Has the option to search conversations.
  • You can see the activity history of a person in “Last Active” status.
  • Has the option to delete sent messages.
  • Supports sending Audio recordings and files.
  • Lots of customization options for Wallpaper, theme, privacy, and more.


  • Screenshot detection is a safety feature that lets you know when someone takes a screenshot of your conversation.
  • You can use FaceTime on multiple devices simultaneously, all you need is an Apple ID.
  • Mark favorite contacts
  • Fully Optimized for tablet mode in iPad.

Privacy & Security

WhatsApp offers more options for end users’ privacy. You can disable your activity history, message seen notification, and much more privacy options in statuses.

Both FaceTime and WhatsApp offer end-to-end encryption. But when it comes to privacy and security, WhatsApp is known for its controversy regarding that. FaceTime provides more security and privacy for its users. Whatever you send and receive may stay only with your device. We hope neither of them monitors your personal data and try to avoid sending confidential data over these applications.

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We have clarified the most prominent features of FaceTime vs WhatsApp and the differences between both applications. As of now, you have an idea about these apps. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, at the end of the day, it’s you who decides which one to use for what circumstances and purposes. You can choose to use both of them for different motives. Install both the apps and Enjoy calling!

FaceTime vs Zoom – Which is the Best Video Calling App?

FaceTime vs Zoom: Nowadays, online communication is becoming inevitable after all these pandemic situations. People tend to talk to their friends and relatives online, especially via video calls. Many companies have provided Work from home opportunities, not alone the firms, the educational institutions, schools, and colleges have also implemented the online classes. There are loads of video conferencing apps available in the market. But there are always pioneers with utmost reliability and innovative features which already included and working. Both FaceTime and Zoom are leading tools to converse online.

FaceTime vs Zoom - Which is the Best Video Calling App

On the dilemma of FaceTime vs Zoom, most iPhone users prefer FaceTime, considering its user-friendly nature and exclusive features which are only accessible to Apple devices. FaceTime has made everything very simple and elegant, which enables anyone to make calls without any learning curve. Since it’s very closed to one platform and cannot be accessed on other platforms. Therefore professional usage is not possible with FaceTime in most cases.

When talking about FaceTime vs Zoom Compatibility, the latter has the upper hand. Since Zoom is a cross-platform application that works with all significant operating systems. Furthermore, you can get connected to a large group of people via Zoom call, whereas FaceTime is very limited. Zoom is specially made for video conferencing, and it can be used for that without any second thought. Even though the zoom is not as user-friendly as the FaceTime, there are plenty of things you can do with the Zoom app. Let’s discuss more the dilemma of FaceTime vs Zoom Security, Pricing, Call Quality, and more, then find the use case of each application.

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FaceTime vs Zoom

FaceTime and Zoom both have certain distinctive features. Both apps have their pros and cons and are better and worse in some aspects. we have tested both the apps in person and sorted out the prominent use cases and flaws.


This is where Zoom lacks and FaceTime has the edge. Zoom is free for consumer usage with basic features, if you want to use it for professional purposes, then you need a paid version which costs $14.99 per month. Zoom offers three different plans such as Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The pricing varies based on the plan you choose. In most cases, the basic version is enough for where you can get up to 40 mins of group call with 100 participants. Even this feature is more than what you get with FaceTime. You don’t need a paid version unless and until you are into business or some large-scale industry.

FaceTime vs Zoom Pricing

FaceTime on the other hand offers fully free calls, there are no hidden charges or in-app purchases that empties your wallet. You can call for an unlimited number of hours, although the number of persons who can join in a group calls is very limited. Since FaceTime only works with Apple devices, the chance of getting connected to everyone is a cumbersome process.


When it comes to compatibility, Zoom has the upper hand. It is fairly available for all the platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS as well. Besides that, you can even access zoom with the browser extension, which is available for Chrome, and Firefox. This gives you the freedom to use Zoom on any device regardless of the platform you use. On top of that, there are many exclusive apps available in Zoom for specific purposes.

As you already know, Apple has a strict privacy policy and maintains an enclosed nature on its own apps. Apple has hardened its boundary, where the entire FaceTime features are only accessible with the iOS 15. You need to have at least the iOS 15 to enjoy the full features or upgrade your device if it isn’t supported. Of course, you can access FaceTime on any device with the invite link, but this won’t be like using a dedicated application on your smartphone or laptop. Hence the compatibility part goes to the Zoom app.

Call Standard

The call quality of Zoom and FaceTime is head to head. Both are very comparable in video and audio calls. Zoom calls provide up to 1080p Full HD quality on video calls. Even so, the calls are not good at recording, the recorded output of Zoom video calls looks noisy. The audio quality of Zoom calls is pretty good, however, the reliability is questionable, and the noise cancellation and audio clarity are not consistent with the Zoom calls.

FaceTime on the other end offers high-quality video and audio calls. The quality of the FaceTime video is pretty impressive, this is due to the better camera configuration with the Apple products. When you FaceTime with a Windows machine the quality is pathetic. FaceTime also did an innovative job in the audio part. The Spatial Audio and Voice isolation features are very useful and work every time. Though it is only available with the iOS 15 update.

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Group Calling

Video Conferencing or Group Calling is the most sophisticated feature that every video calling application possesses. It is a solid feature that makes the application to business and enterprise standards. Zoom does this pretty well Since its primary focus is on enterprises and large-scale businesses. Zoom lets you view up to 49 participants in the grid layout. You can add thousands of participants based on the plan you purchase. The free version itself supports up to 100 participants per group meeting. Hence it is the most preferred choice for small teams for Large enterprise-grade meetings.

FaceTime in general has no motive for business meetings. Even though it supports group calls, it is mainly developed for personal chat and video calls. Currently, you can include up to 32 members in a group call. And it only supports up to 8 members in a grid view. Besides that these options vary based on the device you use. Thus, large-scale meetings and video conferencing work better with the Zoom app.



  • Zoom allows up to 1000 participants in video conferencing. The “Large Meetings” add-on lets you have this paid feature.
  • Allows recording meetings directly to your device. Zoom offers 1 GB of cloud space, in which you can record the meetings for quick access.
  • Zoom has the call delegation option, in which you can receive calls on behalf of others, Likewise, you can make calls as well.
  • The free plan of Zoom offers 40 mins of time limit for group meetings and 30 hours for one-to-one meetings.
  • You can share your screen with the call participants and you can even let them annotate the content concurrently. This Whiteboarding feature is very useful when conducting team review meetings, webinars, and online teaching classes.


  • FaceTime is free to use, but it is only limited to Apple users.
  • Integrate with Siri to activate FaceTime.
  • You can use FaceTime on numerous devices and it requires only the Apple ID, In addition to that you can log in on multiple devices at the same time.
  • You can integrate it with the Phone app and access the FaceTime call logs in the recent calls tab.
  • FaceTime gives you better privacy, it will intimate you when someone screenshots your conversation.
  • The parental control of FaceTime lets you fix the time limit for the FaceTime call. This helps you to make some boundaries for your children.

Privacy & Security

Apple is known for its privacy, and it has a keen eye for it. FaceTime calls are end-to-end encrypted, where no one can get access to the data apart from the receiver. Apple implements the latest security features in its updates and keeps you safe and secure from data piracy.

Zoom on the other hand also provides end-to-end encryption. However, there are a lot of controversies on Zoom regarding its privacy and security. Even though currently the issues are resolved, the user has to take into account the consistency of privacy. You can use Zoom in most scenarios, but whenever you are into some confidential things, you should reconsider. Here FaceTime is the winner comparatively.

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Now you have got an idea about the debate FaceTime vs Zoom. Both the apps are certain unique features and usage. Regarding FaceTime, you only have a chance to use it when you have an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Using Zoom is based on your preference. If you are a business person, who conducts meetings with a large number of participants then you can use it. Else there are plenty of alternatives available you can simply go for it. Overall both Zoom and FaceTime are great apps for making video calls.

FaceTime vs Skype: The Ultimate Comparison of Video Calling

Nowadays, the habit of video calling is the uttermost communication medium all over the world. Since an extensive number of people are at home due to this pandemic. Millions of them prefer communicating through Video calls. People love to talk to their friends and relatives by looking at their faces. There are plenty of apps available for video calling, choosing the best one is the real challenge. iPhone is one of the most used smartphones around the world, meanwhile, the Windows operating system is the most used one in the desktop environment. Both Microsoft and Apple have their proprietary software for video calling, Skype, and FaceTime respectively. Now it’s time to discuss the debate on FaceTime VS Skype in detail.

FaceTime vs Skype Which is Best Video Calling App

The two apps don’t stop with the one-to-one video calling, in addition, it offers group video calls, screen sharing features, and much more. Skype has better integration with the Windows OS, no matter which smartphone you use, you can easily sync your messages with the SMS Connect option. FaceTime on the other hand has seamless integration on MacBook and other Apple products. The downside is it is only accessible within Apple’s products. Both apps give their best to get rid of the distance between people quickly. You can see and talk to your friends in a matter of seconds, no matter wherever you are and whichever country you live in.

It is pretty hard to find out which app is best for video calling. In fact, both apps are best in their own feature set. Here we are to help you with choosing the perfect app for you. Here we are going to compare FaceTime VS Skype based on various aspects such as Video calling features, Cross-platform, Ease of use, and many other factors.

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FaceTime VS Skype

FaceTime VS Skype is a prolonged debate which is been there for a long time. Some people prefer Skype over FaceTime, while others would like to use FaceTime. In reality, both apps have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence we have sorted out the pros and cons of each app along with its features and use cases.

User Interface

FaceTime has an easy-to-use interface with simple controls, where the options are only limited to making calls and video calls. FaceTime lets you create separate groups for voice and video calls. For messaging and other stuff you need to use the iMessage. It has a beautiful transparent interface, showing only what is needed for VoIP calls.

Even though FaceTime has a user-friendly interface, the options of Skype simply dominate the FaceTime. Moreover, Skype isn’t that hard to use, it is pretty similar to all other instant messaging applications. The familiar layout doesn’t impose any learning curve for you. Skype also has the option to create private groups. There are various themes available with Skype. It also works well with the system-wide dark theme on both Android and iOS. Limiting the options and keeping the UI very simple doesn’t help many, therefore in the debate FaceTime vs Skype, the latter is the clear winner here.

Platform Availability

There is no doubt that Skype has the upper hand in this characteristic. Microsoft released Skype for all the platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Linux. Furthermore, Skype web can be accessed on any browser running any operating system. Therefore the accessibility of Skype is pretty high when compared to FaceTime’s closed door.

In Contrast, Apple has developed FaceTime only for its products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and the devices running Mac OS. There are no workarounds or tricks to access FaceTime on other devices. In order to use FaceTime, you should have the iPhone or other compatible products from Apple. It doesn’t even have web apps.

The only exception you have is that you can access FaceTime on any browser with the FaceTime invite link sent from your friends, but that never comes close to the real apps.

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Call Quality

FaceTime works wonderfully on Apple devices, Simply sign in to your Apple account, and you are ready to go. The Camera quality and the hardware integration on Apple devices are superb. You can expect a crystal clear quality in FaceTime calls. It also works well on FaceTime voice calls too. But when it comes to FaceTime calls with the invite links, the quality may differ based on the receiver’s device.

Skype call quality is also comparably good with FaceTime. You cannot find that much in the quality, though the quality becomes diminished when you are in group calls with more than 5 members. The app does not extract enough bandwidth due to speed issues and compresses the video, which seems very poor in group calls with higher participants. Hence it is recommended to use Skype with around five users per group call. Hence when it comes to quality FaceTime beats Skype.



  • Skype offers high-definition video calling, in which you can join up to 24 people at a time.
  • Make group conversations with people around the globe. You can also create private chat groups for personal purposes.
  • Skype has better integration with the Windows systems, in which you can sync your Phone’s messages with the SMS connect option. You can even reply to your messages from your desktop.
  • Supports sharing files without any limitations, you can share files in multiple formats such as images, documents, Mp3 files, and more.
  • Screen sharing lets you share a specific part or window of your screen. Which will be useful for webinars and online teachings.


  • Integrated with the Phone app and lets you access the FaceTime call logs quickly.
  • Mark your favorite contacts and access them easily.
  • Provides high-quality video and audio calls across the community.
  • Integrated with Siri and Parental control options.
  • Easily communicate with your contacts with a tap.

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Privacy & Security

We often forget about privacy and security, which is of utmost importance for everyone. Apple is known for its privacy and security features. FaceTime offers end-to-end encryption of every data. Skype on the other hand also has tight security and encrypts everything you share over it. The audio, video, texts, and files are encrypted and nothing will be leaked in between.

Skype a proprietary app by Microsoft comes by default on Windows machines and is a reliable choice for communication. Likewise, FaceTime also comes with Apple products and a well-grounded utility for seamless communication among Apple users. Hence both Skype and FaceTime have better privacy and security, we give them a tie.

FaceTime vs Skype: The Conclusion

We have provided everything that is needed for your decision on FaceTime vs Skype. As mentioned earlier, both apps have their own pros and cons. If you are an Apple user, then you probably prefer FaceTime in most cases, due to its ease of use and seamless integration. Other platform users, should always rely on other apps since FaceTime is not available for other operating systems. The two of them are good choices, finally, it depends upon your use cases and the device you own.

Download Imo for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 & 11

Download Imo for Windows PC: Imo is one of the most profound video calling applications available for a long time. Initially, the Imo for PC was introduced as a web app in 2005, which can be accessed on any platform that has a web browser in it. Later on, it was released for all the platforms with all new features. You make video calls in HD quality with the help of Imo for Windows 10 PC, and it doesn’t matter wherever you are and whom you want to contact, all you need is a phone number that is associated with the IMO account. In addition to that, you can also send instant text messages, and voicemails, to anyone around the world.

Download Imo for PC Windows 10

Unlike other apps, the Imo for Windows 10 PC is data-efficient, even a few MBs of data is enough to make a call. Moreover, it even works on a 2G network with compressed quality. It is compatible with all the networks including 3G, 4G, 5G, and different WiFi bands. Imo for PC is totally free and it is available on other platforms as well. Since its release, it is been a great competition for other social media applications. You can instantly connect with your friends with the help of your contact book.

Download Imo for PC Windows 10 supports sending all types of files including Images, Videos, Documents, MP3, Zip, PDF, and many more. In addition to this, you can synchronize all your messages securely in the Imo Cloud and you can view them without clouding your device place. Group chat with your friends and family for ultimate rejoice and flood them up with hundreds of free stickers. All these features are available free of cost. Let’s see some more features of Imo and then we jump into the installation guide. This is not just some other mediocre tutorial, which involves an emulator and all, this guide gives you the genuine official release that is 100% working natively on your Windows machine.

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Features of Imo for PC

In contrast with other apps, the Imo for Windows PC does not offer any fascinating features, but it focuses much on practicality. Imo includes everything that is needed for better communication. It just included whatever is necessary without any gimmicks. Let’s see the features one by one.

High-Quality Calls:
As we have seen earlier, the Imo for PC concentrates on quality. The video rendered out of this application is pretty high in quality. You can even experience the crystal clear audio quality also in the international calls with zero lagging.

Minimalistic Interface:
Imo has stocked up its interface with what is necessary, there are no bloats and features to trick the users. It has a straightforward interface with organized and best working controls. Even the absolute beginner can operate the app without any question.

Seamless Connectivity:
Imo for Windows 10 PC uses less data and works flawlessly well on any network. Since the data usage is very low, there is no disconnection or stuttering in your calls.

IMO app is available for various platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Besides that, there are separate versions available based on the user’s requirement. Apart from the normal version in Android, you can have three different versions with distinct features.

  • Imo HD – Imo HD is highly used for business communication Since the delivers High-definition video and audio quality. This version uses some more data, which is absolutely necessary for the HD video call.
  • Imo Lite – Are you running out of Storage? Imo Lite is all you need. It is the small compact version of the app which requires only 6 MB of storage on your smartphone.
  • Imo Beta – The Beta version is a kind of testing app that brings up all-new features as a preview. Since it’s not a stable version, you may face some issues, but still, you can enjoy the upcoming features even before it is officially released.

Data Efficiency:
The Imo for PC uses less data for both video and audio calls. You can also use it on low coverage networks such as 2G. But nowadays, the network is not a problem anymore, you can receive better coverage wherever you go, which results in a smooth and seamless video calling experience.

Cloud Storage:
Imo syncs all your messages and file sharings securely in its cloud. You can access them whenever you want without filling up your hard disk space.

Custom Profile:
You can customize your profile with hundreds of avatars, backgrounds, and music themes. You can keep up your profile based on your wish. Imo also includes the new stickers and backgrounds, which bring a fresh view each time you modify your profile.

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How to Download and Install Imo on Windows 10 PC?

This is the easiest method to download and install Imo on Windows 10 PC. The Imo app is available in the Microsoft Store itself, so you can trust the app and install it easily from the store itself. Let’s see the steps below.

1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 Laptop.

2. Search for the app name “imo video calls and chat HD” in the search box and hit enter.

How to Download and Install Imo on Windows 10 PC

3. Now you can see the Imo app resulting on your screen.

4. Click the Get button right next to the app name.

5. Soon you can see the app will begin to download and install on your Windows Machine.

6. Once it gets installed, click the launch button to open the app from the store and begin your calling journey with your friends and family.

Alternative Method to Install Imo App on Windows Computer

You can use this method on older versions of Windows, where the Microsoft Store is not present. Hence, you can use this method on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

1: Open any web browser on your Windows laptop and visit this URL https://imo.im.

2: On the homepage, you can see various platforms, such as imo for Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac.

3. Simply click the “imo for Windows” button.

How to Download and Install Imo on Windows 10 PC

4. The Imo exe file will start to download on your Windows 7 desktop.

5. Once the download gets completed, run the imo.exe file and install it on your computer.

6. When the installation gets over, start conversing with your friends and family members.

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Imo had an extensive journey in the video conferencing applications. Even though it was introduced as a web-based application, Imo took it to another extent and released it for all the platforms with plenty of features. The feasibility and reliability of Imo are what gained around 200 million users worldwide. If you want robust software for your office meetings and marketing webinars, Imo is the way to go. Since there are no bloats and extra features, the Imo for PC works swiftly, which makes it the best choice for business people. You can use the above methods to download the Imo software on your Windows PC respectively. What are you waiting for, Just go ahead and download Imo app on your Windows 10 PC.

Download Zoom App for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 & 11

Zoom is a leading video calling application that makes virtual meetings feasible in every possible gadget. It is one of the most used applications to conduct meetings, webinars, business conferences, and online classes. Zoom App for PC Windows delivers high-quality video and audio calls. You can join up to 100 people in a meeting. Since Zoom offers both paid and free service, you can expect a reliable and better quality in your calls. Besides that, the Zoom app supports H.323/SIP room systems and telephones as well.

Download Zoom App for PC Windows 10

In addition to the calling feature, Zoom for PC offers you tremendous possibilities. Zoom App for Windows PC lets you collude the Whiteboard in Real-time. Furthermore, the Zoom app is available for all the platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and more. With the Zoom subscription, you can extend the hosting participants up to 1000 and enhance the group meeting timing up to 30 hours. There are three different plans available with exquisite add-ons, but the basic free plan is enough for one-to-one meetings and short group meetings.

Unlike other mediocre applications, Zoom lets you have a lot of customization options, enhanced security, and great calling quality. Zoom for Windows allows you to share unlimited messages with any type of attachment including Photos, Gifts, Documents, Files, Videos, and many more. You can get voicemails, call recordings, and transcripts. You can use the Call delegation feature to receive calls on behalf of others. Zoom also has the auto-receptionists option which answers and routes your calls autonomously.

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Features of Zoom

The Zoom app for Windows PC has a plethora of features, which is not included in other mediocre applications. With the Zoom app installed, there will be a complete transformation in your communication. In fact, it has unleashed a new era of virtual communication. Let’s discuss the most sophisticated features of the Zoom app.

Best Call Quality:
Zoom extracts the best quality output from your device camera as it is programmed to work on an extensive number of device models. With Zoom, you can get the best possible quality on both Video and audio calls.

Collaborate Online:
Zoom lets you share your screen with all the connected people and lets them annotate the content in real-time. In fact, it is the most needed feature when conducting webinars and team meetings.

Conduct Large Meetings:
Zoom provides enterprise-grade calling features that let you connect more than 1000 people with the Large meetings add-on. Even though it is a paid feature, many organizations use this feature, including multinational companies, and marketing agencies, where a large number of audiences are to be covered.

Cloud Recording:
It has the option to record the meetings on the Cloud storage of 1GB per license. You can use this feature when conducting important meetings, where a review is necessary very often.

Delegate Calls:
The call delegation feature allows you to make and receive calls in place of others. Besides that, you can even set up auto-receptionists to answer and route calls accordingly.

Group Chats:
Create private groups for your company and relatives and chat with them at the utmost convenience. In addition to that, you can respond to the threaded conversations quickly with emojis and share your favorite pictures, and videos with your friends and family in the group.

Zoom app is available for all the platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and even Browser extensions. Zoom mobile app has some additional features such as safe driving mode and more. The majority of the features are pretty similar across all the platforms.

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Zoom for PC Requirements:

Operating Systems macOS X with macOS 10.9 or later
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8 or 8.1
Windows 7
Ubuntu 12.04 or higher
Mint 17.1 or higher
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 or higher
Oracle Linux 6.4 or higher
CentOS 6.4 or higher
Fedora 21 or higher
OpenSUSE 13.2 or higher
ArchLinux (64-bit only)
OpenSUSE 13.2 or higher
ArchLinux (64-bit only)
Processor Single-core 1Ghz or higher / Dual-core 2Ghz or higher (Intel i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent)
RAM 4 Gb (Recommended)
Camera HD webcam – built-in, or USB plug-in
Bandwidth Video Calling: Min – 600kbps (up/down)
Max- 3.8Mbps/3.0Mbps (up/down)
Group Video Calling: Min – 1.0 Mbps/600kbps (up/down)
Max – 3.8Mbps/3.0Mbps (up/down)

How to Download and Install Zoom on Windows 10 PC?

There are various methods to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on Windows PC, here we have given the easiest method to get the Zoom app on Windows 10 PC.

1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 Laptop.

2. Type in the name “Zoom” in the search box and hit enter.

3. Soon you can see the Zoom Cloud Meetings app displayed on your screen.

How to Download and Install Zoom on Windows 10 PC

4. Click the Install button right next to the app name.

5. Now the Microsoft store will begin to download and install the Zoom app on your Windows 10 Machine.

6. Once it gets installed, you can launch the app right from the store and start Join Zoom meetings with your friends.

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Another Method to Install Zoom App on Windows Computer

In case you are using an older version of an operating system such as Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, you can follow this method to download the Zoom app on Windows 7 computer.

1. Open any of your favorite web browsers and visit the Zoom official website. http://zoom.us/.

2. Once the page is open, simply click on the Resources tab that you can see at the top of the page.

3. Then click the Download Center to load that page.

Download Zoom App for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 & 11

4. Here you can see a lot of options available for various platforms. Simply click the Download Button below the operating system you are using. Here is Zoom Client for Meetings, click the Download button.

5. Once the installer gets downloaded, launch it to download the Zoom app regarding your Operating system.

6, When the installation completes, launch the app and start having a conversation with your friends and family.

Final Words

Zoom app for PC lets you connect with people at ease. As a matter of fact, it has made an evolution in educational institutions, nowadays many are learning through online classes only. You can save plenty of time and effort which is being wasted while traveling to the institutions. Similarly, you can conduct team meetings, webinars, and more things effortlessly with the Zoom app for Windows PC. Additionally, you can experience the simplicity and convenience of the Zoom app on a Windows PC. It is among the few apps that support joining people up to a thousand, while others are below a hundred. After all, use any of the above-given methods and take your communication to the next level!

Download Skype for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 & 11

Download Skype for PC: Skype is one of the prominent VoIP calling services available for free. The tool is been available for a pretty long time since 2003 and has influenced many business people and youths to a great extent. The software is owned by Microsoft and it comes by default with the latest Windows operating systems. Since Skype for PC is native software of Windows, it works pretty well on all the Windows Machines. Unlike Apple, Microsoft doesn’t stop the application only within Windows, but it is available for the majority of gadgets and platforms. You can access it on smartphones, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Alexa, Web, Xbox, and many other devices.

Download Skype for PC Windows 10

Skype for Windows PC uses the peer-to-peer and client-server system, which enables you to communicate with your friends via Voice calls, Video calls, Text Messages, and more. It is one of the reliable video calling applications which establishes a secure connection with crystal clear audio quality. Skype for Windows 7 supports up to 24 simultaneous video call connections, you can even integrate your Phone’s messages to your computer with the SMS connect feature. Initially, the app was loaded with bloats, and it ran sluggish. But the recent releases have cut down the unnecessary stuff and made it work faster, among the competition Microsoft doesn’t have a choice either.

Send various files in large sizes without any issues. It also has the option to send emoticons, Gifs, and images from the internet. In addition, to call, there is plenty of stuff you can do with Skype on a Windows PC. The multi-platform nature of the application lets you communicate with anyone around the world who has it. There are no restrictions or workaround needed with Skype, you can simply install it and use it on your device. This is the reason why many users seek an alternative to FaceTime, and here we have it.

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Features of Skype

Skype is a robust video calling application with no fancy features. Although it does not include any additional features, It has implemented every required option needed for the communication. Let’s see the features of Skype below.

Video Calls: Skype offers a high-definition video calling feature that allows you to connect up to 24 people at a time. You can have a group conversations, business meetings, and online classes all with the Skype app on your Windows PC.

Group Chat: Skype for Windows 7 32 bit also includes a chatting option that lets you chat with people all over the world. You can even create private groups and chat with your friends easily.

Voice Calls: Similar to other video calling applications, Skype also has the option to make audio calls to the person you like. The call quality is very clear and lively when compared to other apps.

SMS Connect: You don’t need to grab your phone anymore for messages. Connect your phone’s SMS to your Windows PC to view and reply to your messages right on your computer.

Share Files: Skype for Windows 10 supports sending a large number of files in multiple formats. Of course, the file-sharing is encrypted, which is quite a needed option for business people.

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How to Download and Install Skype for Windows PC?

In general, Skype for PC comes by default with the latest version of Windows such as Windows 10 and 11. In case you are using the older version of the Windows operating system, then this guide is for you. Besides that, you can also use this guide, to download Skype for PC Windows. just in case you have uninstalled the Skype app on your Windows machine.

1. Open any web browser on your Windows desktop.

2. Visit the Skype official website and go to the Downloads section, which you can see at the menu bar on the top.

3. Click the drop-down arrow right next to the Get Skype for Windows 10 & 11, and choose the “Get Skype for Windows“. (If you are using Windows 10 or 11, you can choose that option)

How to Download and Install Skype for Windows PC

4. Soon you can see the Skype.exe file gets downloaded on your device.

5. Once the download finishes, you can install the Skype app by running the
Skype.exe file on your Windows 7 laptop.

6. After everything is done properly, You are ready to call your friends and have an enjoyable conversation.


Skype is a default application that comes with Windows 10 PC and its later versions. Though, If you want to download Skype on the older version of Windows you can get it from the Official Website of Skype. Simply choose the operating system and download the Skype.exe file and install it as you do with other software. It is a simple user-friendly app for business people and youngsters for communication. Just give it a try, if you don’t like it you can always look for the Skype alternatives for PC.

FaceTime Apk for Android | Download and Install the Latest Apk

FaceTime is a video conferencing application developed by Apple for its ecosystem. If you used Apple devices you are probably aware of its ecosystem, which only keeps its users inside them by providing greater convenience. Many Android users are impressed by the features and usage of FaceTime and are wondering is there a FaceTime app for android. If you search for FaceTime apk for Android, you can find many files on the internet and you will end up in the fake and simulating files. It is of no use and does harm your smartphone with malware and other security issues. This is why because the FaceTime app is not officially available for Android devices, not only Android, but also for all other platforms except iOS, and Mac OS.

FaceTime App for Android

I agree that FaceTime is an excellent app for video conferencing with friends with crystal clear video and audio quality. But it is only limited to the Apple Ecosystem. If you want to enjoy similar benefits on your Android smartphone, you can look for alternatives. There are plenty you can find with all-new features, interfaces, gimmicks, and other stuff packed. There are many reliable alternative apps to FaceTime, but if you want to use FaceTime App on Android there is one simple way for that. It is quite useful when your friend or someone you want to talk to is using iPhone. Let’s see how you can use the FaceTime app on Android.

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How to Setup and Use FaceTime App on Android?

As we discussed above the FaceTime Apk is not available for Android right now. Even if you find such files, think twice before installing them. Because all are simulated files and Fake applications, which do nothing more than steal your data. So be patient and follow the instructions below to use FaceTime App on Android.

1. First, go to the App Permissions section on your Android device and Enable the Camera and Microphone access for the browser you want to use.

2. Ask the person to send a FaceTime invite link to you.

How to use FaceTime on Android

3. Open the link on the browser, to which you gave the permissions as mentioned above.

4. Here you can see the FaceTime page asking for you to “Enter your name to join the conversation“. Type in your name in the respective field and tap Continue.

5. Now you need to tap the Join button from the toolbar.

6. This request needs to be accepted by your friend, Once it gets accepted you can make a video call to them on FaceTime using your Android smartphone or Tablet.

Note: The method only gives you the basic options of calling. Thus these options are enough to have a conversation. If you want to enjoy full features with Animoji and all, then it’s currently only possible with iOS devices. Let’s hope for Apple to release the FaceTime app for Android.

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Final Verdict

Currently, the FaceTime app is not available on the Android operating system. Since it’s owned by Apple, it is only available for Apple’s products. But you can use the FaceTime apk on Android using the above method. Though some browsers won’t support the streaming of video due to javascript and flash issues. Please use that on a working browser, else you can enable the browser in the desktop mode and try FaceTime with your friends. Besides that, you can refer to our FaceTime alternatives and find out the best suitable app that fits your needs.

How to Fix FaceTime Not Working on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

FaceTime is undoubtedly the best video calling software for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. The app is just flawless and works perfectly well and smoothly with crystal clear video clarity. But in some rare cases, FaceTime may fail to work due to many reasons. Some problems can be quickly fixed by a simple restart, and other requires a lot of research and check steps to find out the actual problem. If you are an Apple user, you probably at least once had a question in your mind why is my FaceTime not Working? Well, the reasons are many, we have put together all the best solutions to fix FaceTime not working error.

How to Fix FaceTime Not Working

There are various causes why the FaceTime app stops working, the way it should be. Many are due to the settings oriented, and software-related issues. Occasionally, there might be hardware issues as well. The good thing is, that the hardware issues are very specific such as FaceTime Camera not working, and problems with the FaceTime Audio. We have sorted out the issues individually, let’s see those in detail.

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FaceTime Not Working on iPhone, iPad, Mac.

1. Restart your Device

When it comes to troubleshooting, restarting the device is the basic thing that solves the issue of lagging apps. It frees up the memory consumption and makes a fresh start for every application on your device. Restart your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, in which you are having the issue with FaceTime, and launch the app back again.

2. Disable and Enable FaceTime in Your Settings

Most of the time, these bugs are common among applications. First, check whether FaceTime is disabled on your app Settings. If it isn’t just disable and enable the FaceTime.

iPhone & iPad: Go to Settings > FaceTime > toggle off the FaceTime switch and Turn it on back again and you will be asked to sign in to your Apple ID to make it work again.

Mac: Open FaceTime > Preferences > Uncheck the box which shows Enable this account, and check it back again.

3. Check your Internet

Since FaceTime works over the internet connection, the poor connection may cause this issue. Check whether you have good coverage.

  • Toggle between WiFi and Cellular data.
  • Change your DNS.
  • Speed test using your browser to find the bad connection.

4. Update the Software

If you haven’t updated your OS for a while, as a result, you may face this problem. Check whether your operating system is up to date. Else update your OS to the latest available version for your device model.

5. Date and Time

FaceTime needs the proper date and time to work properly. So that Apple recommends you set the date and time automatically on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

iPhone, iPad: Settings > General > Date & Time > Turn on the “Set Automatically” option.

Mac: Go to System Preferences > Date & Time > set the option to Automatically.

6. Check for Downtime

Apple sometimes takes down FaceTime servers temporarily to resolve the technical issues and other maintenance reasons. Just visit the Apple System Service page to see whether it’s working globally. If the FaceTime is down, you cannot do anything, except wait for Apple to make it work.

7. Disable Content & Privacy Restrictions

Check for Content & Privacy Restrictions of FaceTime, and Camera. in case it is turned off. Turn it on back again to work properly. You can find the options in Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps > turn on FaceTime and Camera.

8. Enable Ports in your Firewall

In case you use Firewall, it may block the ports needed by FaceTime to work properly. FaceTime needs the following ports to work properly. If your iMessage is also not working, then FireWall blocking is the problem. Simply enable these ports to fix the issue.

Fix FaceTime Not Working on Mac
  • 80 (TCP)
  • 443 (TCP)
  • 3478 through 3497 (UDP)
  • 5223 (TCP)
  • 16384 through 16387 (UDP)
  • 16393 through 16402 (UDP)

9. FaceTime Geo-restrictions

FaceTime is not available in all the countries, and carriers. The countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Tunisia, and UAE restrict FaceTime usage. The newer versions are authorized in some countries like Saudi Arabia. To ensure the updated regions you can visit Apple’s website and know whether it is supposed to work in your country. Therefore if your country is under the restriction on FaceTime, then there is nothing you can do, except finding the alternatives.

FaceTime Camera Not Working

If you are facing problems with the FaceTime camera on your iPhone or Mac as a result people can’t see you while making calls. Try disabling and enabling the camera when you are on call. If the issue isn’t resolved, Open the Camera app on your device and record yourself. After all, if it works perfectly, then the issue is with the FaceTime app, in this case simply follow the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods to resolve it.

If your Camera is not working on any apps, and you are seeing a black screen, then it might be a hardware issue, you need to contact Apple Support.

FaceTime Audio Not Working

When the FaceTime Microphone not working, you need to go through certain check steps to find out the problem. But before that I recommend you to apply the above given FaceTime troubleshooting tips and continue with this if it isn’t resolved. First, make sure you haven’t muted your microphone on the call and your volume is high enough.

  • Check your Microphone is being used by another app. In most cases, the Microphone is busy with other apps such as a messaging app. If you see so, then close the apps and try calling again with FaceTime.
FaceTime Audio Not Working
  • Check if your Microphone is working properly. You can do this by opening Voice Memos and trying recording yourself with the mic. Play the recorded sound, if you cannot hear it properly, then the problem is with your Microphone. Hence you need to visit Apple Store for a repair.

FaceTime Not Working for Certain Contacts

If FaceTime is not working with anyone, then the problem might be with your device. If it is not working with just one contact, then it is a different issue. In this case, you ask that person to go through these troubleshooting tips, since there is a higher chance of a problem with the other person’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac.

  • Ensure the person you are trying to call has turned on the FaceTime. And he/she is connected to a good network.
  • Apple does not have the FaceTime service in certain regions, and some network providers won’t support the service as well. Check whether the service is available where the person currently stays. If the FaceTime service is not available in that region, there is nothing you can do from your side.
  • Check whether you have accidentally blocked the person who is trying to call you. To view the blocked number you can go to FaceTime > Preferences > Blocked. Finally, click on the minus sign next to the number you want to unblock.

Nonetheless, everything is fine from your side, then it is the other person who is trying to call you who needs to read this article.


Hope the above-given troubleshooting tips have fixed the FaceTime Not working problem on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Now it’s time to chit-chat with your friends and family. Try using different methods provided in this article, if nothing works for you, then it’s time to look for the FaceTime alternative. You can find a lot of Video calling applications with a tremendous number of new features in the market. Why not share this article, with your friends and let them fix the problems with FaceTime and have a problem-free conversation.